Naked video of ‘Take Me Out’ star Jesse Williams leaked

Well, someone broke the rules.

Photos and videos of a nude -looking Williams on a Broadway show “Take Me Out” by a naughty audience member – Warning: You’re watching it all.

The full frontal footage, which surfaced on social media on Monday, was captured in the show’s shower scene, telling the story of a gay professional baseball player who came out with his colleagues and the press. It opened on Broadway last month.

Naked video of ‘Take Me Out’ star Jesse Williams leaked
Naked video of ‘Take Me Out’ star Jesse Williams leaked

The footage was taken down the same day Williams received Tony’s nomination for Best Actor in a Play.

According to the 2nd Stage Theater website, all spectators must keep their phones and smart devices sealed in Yondr’s case before the show “to respect and support our actors and to create a phone -free space.”

The case can only be reopened by placing it on the Unlock tab in the lobby.

NSFW site was the first to share the videos, and fans reacted quickly on Twitter, where some thanked the shy photographer for the leak and others sought other careers for Williams on the adult site OnlyFans.

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Williams recently revealed that he was “afraid” to show his body for the show, but then I noticed that this is what I asked God for. “I was nervous about the question. I told him to do something awful and challenging and it was profitable and made me feel alive and well.”

Williams and “Take Me Out” co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson are set to appear on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Monday at 10 p.m. Sa bravo

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